Concerts & Shows

performances by world-famous DJs, thrilling concerts by national and international musicians and bands, exciting theme and concept parties, dance and talent shows will delight you on every day of your holiday. There is no specific place or time for entertainment at Orbi Hotels. Your holiday will be charged with excitement with events taking place at any time of day or night. The beach, sea, sun and pool will form the atmospheric backdrop for your daily enjoyment. Decide what you feel like doing on every day of your holiday. Our hotels have a wide range of entertainment options available at all times. Enjoy daily highlights such as the trendy pool parties. Our diverse entertainment programme awaits you in the evening, with music, theme parties, disco, nightclubs and more. Variety and entertainment at the highest level. This also applies to our youngest guests: Talent shows, mini discos, pirate parties and a cinema provide fun and entertainment at the Orbi Hotel. Whether you stay during the summer or winter, we always make sure that you experience a holiday full of fun experiences. Our professional team of entertainers has set itself the task of providing a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities for families, couples and friends or singles.


Sport and leisure activities are an integral part of any Orbi holiday, whether you are looking to try something new, so ...

Experience the exciting and varied world of Orbi entertainment.

Renowned musicians, international DJ’s, dancers, stage designers, sound and lighting experts come together to realise the most spectacular performances.

Orbi Festivals

Deeply passionate about entertaining our guests, Orbi Festivals embrace the many different tastes of our many different guests. The festivities are spread over multiple locations at our hotels in the area, accessible to hotel guests and local visitors alike. International artists perform the most incredible shows you have ever seen. This is not hotel entertainment; this is world-class entertainment.