of August

Valery Meladze - Batumi

Batumi Courts

on August 25, Valery Meladze's gala concert will be held in Batumi. The singer will perform hits and well-known songs in front of the Georgian audience.

Valery and Konstantine Meladze the most famous brothers in showbiz were born in Batumi, the place where they received their primary musical education, for further knowledge they went to the city of Nikolaev in Ukraine. Distinguished by versatile talents, the brothers soon became members of the student ensemble.

Valery Meladze, with his exceptional, distinctive voice and performance manner, soon attracted the attention of producers and soon after respectively took a place in showbiz!

Throughout these years, the singer has released six albums, the first of which is named after the hit song "Hera".

Valery Meladze's concerts are held not only in the post-Soviet countries but worldwide. That emphasizes his popularity among various audiences.

The singer always cherished his homeland... he always stood by the Georgian people in crucial times and continues to do so.


20:00 – Doors open

22:00 – Concert starts


Basket I - 80 GEL

Basket II - 110 GEL

Basket III - 130 GEL

At door - 140 GEL