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From the Visitor Center, stars the tournament footway path, which is cobbled with stones and in total, is 700 meters long. It leads you to the Dadiani historical by-path. There are placed two bridges, 3 panorama platforms, and a huge, chalk-stoned, man-made historical, 30 stepped stairway.

The visitors can also take a walk or row down the river Abasha. This “trip” is about 300 meters long interspace, (one way) and take pleasure in the extremely beautiful and pretty views of the river and canyon. Maritime routes are also available, but you must satisfy one condition- you must be higher, than 1 meter.


- For the safety of the visitors, it is forbidden to enter row section, during the rain, or snowfall. The reason is, that the water is increasing at sea level.

- The routes are active throughout the whole year, the most active season continuous from April to October.

- In one bout can be set, six people.

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